Got a passion for rugby? Then why not have a go at blogging on In The Loose to get your thoughts, opinions and general rugby passion out there.

We’ve made it easier than ever to post on In The Loose, you simply need to follow the steps below to submit your first post to the site and see it out there in front of thousands of rugby fans around the world.

How to Submit a Post

It couldn’t be simpler to add your post In The Loose, simply login using the button in the top right hand corner of the submission area below. If you haven’t yet registered you can do so here. Once you have registered you will be sent an email with your password which you can use to login and submit your post by following the steps below.

Submitting Your Post

-Title – Add a title for your post, try to keep it relatively short but ensure it is eye-catching – you want people to read your content.

-Excerpt – This should be a short summary/introduction to your post and should aim to come in at less than 150 characters.

-Text – This is the field in which you enter your blog post. It’s easy to just copy and paste it over from a word document. You can also add links to relevant sources and edit the content (for example boldening text) using the buttons above for maximum impact.

-Category – Select the most relevant category on the site for your post to feature in.

-Tags – Feel free to leave this section blank, however you can add relevant tags for your post if you feel that it doesn’t fit properly into any of the current categories.

-Status – Submit the post as pending and one of our editors will set it live for you within 48 hours.

Tips for Posting

-Include your name and a short author bio at the bottom of any articles you submit so people know who is posting and can discuss your content on social media.

-Try to ensure your posts are a minimum of 350 words wherever possible to ensure they generate enough interest for visitors.

-Look through the site before posting to see the kind of content that regularly features as this should help guide your writing style and length.

-Consider posting list style articles such as top 10 …. or 5 things …

-Choose subject areas that are likely to be of interest to fellow rugby fans, although don’t be afraid to cover rugby related subjects that aren’t necessarily covered in the mainstream media.

-Ensure that your posts do not contain abusive language or anything that may be deemed libellous.

-Whilst we’re always happy to post on subjects that may be somewhat controversial, please ensure that your post remains respectful to other rugby fans.

-If you want to include video content in your post, simply add the URL from the YouTube or Vimeo video into the relevant part of the post.

-Should you wish to include your own images, please email them to dave@intheloose.com and they will be added to the relevant post when published.

-Try to stir up debate as part of your content. We are more likely to post your content to our social media pages if it offers something a bit different that fans will be able to debate or discuss.

Regular Contributors

If you are keen to become a regular contributor to In The Loose then send an email to dave@intheloose.com after you have had your first two posts published in order to discuss how you can become a regular contributor and receive access to a full author profile.

If you have any questions or problems then please feel free to contact us at the above email address, or alternatively leave a comment below and someone will get back to you.