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  • The Incredible Story of Christian Leali’ifano

    Australian rugby has been crying out for some positivity this year. Set against a backdrop of Israel Folau and financial collapse, is the timely figure of Christian Leali'ifano, the likeable 31 year old who is [...]

  • Vunipola Regrets Folau Support but Refuses to Back Down

    Billy Vunipola has expressed his regret at the impact his support for Israel Folau, who claimed that ‘hell awaits’ homosexuals, had on his teammates. Nevertheless, he again fell short of apologising or retracting his previous [...]

  • How Can Rugby Insurance Protect Me?

    The statistics do not lie, rugby is an increasingly dangerous game to play. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine reported that, in 1955, the mean player body mass at international level was 84.8kg, and in 2015 [...]

  • Has Rugby Become Predictable?

    Rugby is increasingly a product, a spectacle designed to entertain. As such, lawmakers repeatedly make changes to the rules in order to maximise ‘ball in play time,’ to try and make rugby an attractive sport [...]

  • Rugby Championship Preview

    Once more, New Zealand start the Rugby Championship as heavy favourites. Since the introduction of Argentina to the fold in 2012, they have won all but one title. However, the last time the sides competed [...]

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