Tactics & Skills

Cage Rugby for the Minis & Juniors

I can hear the traditionalists at Old Luckgiftians sucking their teeth from here; “Cage Rugby! What on earth is that? Absolutely preposterous, no place for thuggery like that in our game” Even worse that it be suggested as a means of developing young players as opposed to the accepted methods we currently use.  Well let me outline what we currently …

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Tackling and Defence – The Two Must Never Be Taken Seperately

Bizarre title but if you think about it tackling is a skill, defence is a composite of skills combined that incorporates tackling, amongst other facets, that combine to make your try line impregnable.  To teach tackling without reference to how you are going to defend could mean that you practise 1000s of head on tackles in training but actually in …

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Have the IRB Finally Nailed the Scrum Sequence?

The International Rugby Board Council has at last announced the implementation of a global trial of the “crouch, bind, set” scrum engagement sequence. The new sequence is aimed at enhancing player welfare by reducing impact on engagement by up to 25 per cent in elite competition. The scrum engagement has been the bane of the modern game with half of …

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