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Jones showing his brains? – Adam Jones to assist coaching at Harlequins

Adam Jones has always been a quality player, and as he is bobbing on he has naturally been thinking about his future and what will it behold for him… The 35 year-old Welshman joined his current team Harlequins prior to the 2015-16 season, and has made an important impact within the side, making 22 appearances since his start in London. The …

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Yamacia Rugby – Making the most and hitting hit hard!

Following on from our previous article on the generous funding going into the Pacific Islands, we are taking a look at a Rugby club based in Fiji, which do things quite differently where they play… Yamacia Rugby train in the hills of Fiji, in more of a ‘traditional’ style than the more known clubs. As money and Rugby are not …

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Three Laws That Kill All Hope Of Decent Attacking Rugby

There are certain laws in rugby that frustrate almost every single fan as they favour defence, rather than allowing team to play open attacking rugby… The Held Up Tackle (sorry maul…) Who on earth though that allowing the defending team to tackle a player, hold them up, and then simply fall on top of the ball was a good idea? …

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