Cage Rugby for the Minis & Juniors

I can hear the traditionalists at Old Luckgiftians sucking their teeth from here; “Cage Rugby! What on earth is that? Absolutely preposterous, no place for thuggery like that in our game” Even worse that it be suggested as a means of developing young players as opposed to the accepted methods we currently use.  Well let me outline what we currently …

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5 benefits of Cage Vipr Conditioning

Vipr conditioning is a new take on a fitness ‘’class’’ from man behind school of hard knocks Chris Chudleigh and Vipr. This article will discuss why these sessions offer more ‘’bang for your buck’’ than other traditional workout classes and are particularly useful for people participating in team sports such as rugby etc. Sport specificity Vipr conditioning is unlike any …

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Getting Fit for Sevens Season

  Rugby is a multi-faceted sport requiring a high degree of all-round fitness, this is applicable to every form of the sport, but to none more than rugby sevens. 7s requires a whole different level of conditioning compared to the 15-a-side game as although the games last less than 20 minutes they are still played on a full-sized pitch but …

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