The Simple Workout Plan To Help Rugby Players Get Stronger

If you’re looking to get stronger for game day, this simple workout plan could be exactly what you need as a rugby player… The first time you do StrongLifts 5×5 you start with workout A. Two days later you do workout B. So first week is A/B/A, second week B/A/B, third week A/B/A, and so on. Like this… [adsenseyu2] Here’s …

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5 Exercises To Develop Power Like A Professional Rugby Player

Develop power like a professional rugby player using this specially designed workout routine compromising of five exercises… 1.Single Arm Barbell Push Press Muscles Worked: Quads, shoulders, core Useful For: Pushing, fending off tackles with one hand Suggested Use: 3 x 10 sets (on each arm) This is a great exercise for developing pushing power through the shoulder, using a strong …

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Fancy Trying This Workout Plan From The Welsh Rugby Academy

The 12 week periodisation workout below comes from the Welsh Rugby Academy and is designed to cover all the key aspects of a rugby players training with Personal trainer in Los Angeles. Week 1-4 (4sets, 10-12 reps – except Clean pulls 20 x 2) Monday Squat Bench press Bent over row Standing shoulder press Wedensday Clean pull (20 x 2) Rom …

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