Amateur Rugby

Wasps punish Harlequins and Boat Staff… (allegedly)

Let’s start with the off field antics. According to the Telegraph “The bosses of Wasps hired a private detective to look into the claims when when allegations were made about the behaviour of some guests attending a private party on board the Hurlingham floating nightclub on the River Thames.” “It was alleged that problems arose when some of the players …

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A Groundsmans Tales – A view from the other side of the whitewash

A Groundsman’s Tales – A view from the other side of the whitewash Episode 1 The season is nearly with us, new faces joining, old friends leaving, all with hopes for a good new years rugby. But the real team at any grassroots club is that of the volunteer ground staff. An eclectic group of retired (perhaps) gentlemen (loose description), …

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The Oldest Footage Of Rugby Around

Footage from a 1901 game of rugby between Dewsbury and Manningham has emerged that appears to be the oldest around… [adsenseyu2] [adsenseyu4]

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