The statistics do not lie, rugby is an increasingly dangerous game to play. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine reported that, in 1955, the mean player body mass at international level was 84.8kg, and in 2015 it was 105.4kg, a 24.3 per cent increase.

Of course, at amateur level, these increases are not as dramatic, but the general trend remains the same. Rugby is a sport of occupational hazards, it always has been, it is the element of risk and danger that makes it so entertaining, so rewarding and exhilarating to play. Injury rates however, due to a number of trends in the modern game, size being one, are increasing.

It is thought that school age players are the most exposed to injury: 70% of all competing at 1st and 2nd XV level have experienced one form of serious injury or another. In an open letter to politicians in 2016, 70 doctors and academics called for a ban on tackling in children’s rugby.

This is an unrealistic, unwanted proposition. Insuring children on a specialist rugby policy, however, could give you more time at home to help them recover from a broken bone.

Another cause of rising injury rates is the growing prevalence of artificial pitches. In the 2016/17 season injuries on grass pitches were recorded at a rate of 89.6 per 1000 hours, compared to 95 per 1000 hours on artificial pitches.

Statistically, it is the knee, ankle and hip that are most likely to be injured on an artificial pitch, indicating greater strain placed upon the joints. With insurance, unexpected costs that may be incurred as a result of injury, such as taxis to work, can be covered, protecting you in the event of injury.

Professionals have access to extensive and regular medical treatment. The normal, dedicated, amateur player, however, who perhaps balances their sport with commitments to education, employment or family, could potentially be left exposed by an injury.

Insurance can offer security and peace of mind, allowing you to feel confident to live the life, and play the sport, that you love.

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