Rugby players are a notoriously proud bunch, and so injuries are often viewed as a symbol of effort and bravery, a badge of honour. Often that is the case. A rake down the leg from studs, a black eye, a couple of dramatic bruises, maybe some scars, these are part of the game, everybody knows it.

But, sadly, they are not the only type of injury that can take place on a rugby pitch. In South Africa, the rate of players suffering from a ‘catastrophic injury’ is a shocking 2%, whilst spinal injury rates currently sit at 1%.

Furthermore, an injury such as a ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament can cost up to £1500 annually, and it is thought that 60% of those who suffer an ACL tear return to playing, where they are more susceptible to further damage.

Amongst adults, those aged 25 – 34 are most prone to injury, the age group most likely to have career and family commitments extending beyond a Saturday afternoon at the local club. A serious injury can have a hugely disruptive impact on all facets of life.

So why not protect yourself, your interests and your family from such an eventuality? Having injury insurance is not about cowering from the risks involved in playing rugby, but, rather, making an informed decision to protect your life off the pitch whilst embracing the risks on it.

It is thought one in four players suffer some form of injury in a season, with hookers and flankers most at risk, whilst rates for wingers also surprisingly high.

Accident protection can cost as little as £8 per month. In the event of a broken bone, even if you break more than one, cover can be as high as £3, 750. For a life changing injury, cover extends to as much as £250,000.

Don’t sacrifice throwing yourself into the game you love for fear of injury causing financial difficulties or loss of earnings.

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