Welsh clubs look set to compete in a cross-border competition against the new Scottish semi-professional outfits.

Scottish Rugby has awarded franchises to six clubs who will receive some funding from the governing body. The franchises must also be partly self-funded. The Super 6 competition will start in November.

The plan has many critics who believe that it will draw all the talent from smaller amateur clubs. The fear is that many in Scotland will go out of business. And the suggestion is that Scottish Rugby is driving them to extinction.

The governing body has been slow to reveal its intentions for the new competition and the potential implications for the legacy amateur set up.

On the face of it, the new structure aims to act as a pathway to professional rugby for promising young players. Critics claim that having only six teams is too restrictive.

The Offsideline website is reporting that the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has reached a provisional agreement. The intention is for Welsh teams play the six semi professional sides. The competition is scheduled to take place in April and May of 2020.

The report states that full agreement depends on the Welsh clubs incurring no costs. The concern arises against a backdrop of proposed cuts to financing. The WRU plans to reduce central funding by almost half in the 2021-22 season.

Earlier in the year, Scottish Rugby said that the cross-border competition will feature eight matches. However, there is no detail at this stage.

In addition to playing against Welsh teams, there is a plan to involve Irish clubs in future.


Written by Colin Renton