What are 3-4 key ingredients currently on the Fit Chef menu that are vital to a person’s physical recovery following athletic training such as rugby?

Will: All our meals contain a balance of Protein, Carbs and Fats all of which will aid recovery following athletic training. It’s not just about eating right around training though, the quality of your overall diet is very important.

Matt: Some of our meals are high in Carbs so these would be the ones we would say be best  eaten after training.

How does diet underpin performance in sport?

Will: A good diet is essential for sports performance. It is the fuel that allows you to train hard so that come game time you can perform at your best.

Matt: Yes exactly, what you eat will ultimately impact on what you can do in training and out on the pitch. If you have not fuelled your body correctly it is unlikely you will be able to perform at your best.

This is not just food but you need to hydrate properly too, you can’t underestimate this.


Why do you think the idea of a healthy food delivery service is starting to gain real momentum among the general public?

Matt: I think we are seeing a rise in healthy food delivery services such as Fit Chef for many reasons. It is convenient, there is no cooking, mess or wastage and people are working long hours and just want something that they can grab at the end of a long day that tastes good and is healthy too.

Will: People just don’t have good knowledge about what is healthy and what isn’t. There is so much misinformation and confusion surrounding diet and healthy eating that it can be hard to know if you are doing the right thing or not. At Fit Chef we want people to learn that you can eat real food and be healthy, it’s not about being on a “fad diet” for 8-12 weeks then going back to your old eating habits. It is more about making small sustainable improvements to your eating habits over time so they just become part of your lifestyle and then you don’t need to “diet”  for your next beach holiday as you will already be in shape.


What type of person / demographic does Fit Chef appeal to?

Matt: People who want to enjoy what they are eating. Our focus is on the taste first and foremost, once we think we have got the taste right we then look at how we can balance out the macros. We have a large range of people who use our service from single men and women to families and some athletes too.

Will: Yeah it’s actually something that we have seen change as more and more people have started to order from us. We have actually attracted a slightly wider demographic thatn we first aimed for. We have people in their 20’s as well as in their 50’s who use our service regularly which is great to see.


What is the most popular item / subscription package you offer?

Matt: The most popular way people order from us is through the ‘create your own’ section. We have been really pleased with this as it means that people are using Fit Chef to fit in with their lifestyle and buying the meals that they most enjoy and have the least time to prepare. Although our tailored weightloss packages sell very well too, especially at this time of year and people have been telling us what great results they have been getting.

Will: Having seen how people use Fit Chef to order we want to make our service even more flexible so we have plans to change how people can order from us. They will be able to order weekly, fortnightly or whatever period they want to set up a subscription for. We hope this will improve the experience for the customer and allow more people to be able to use Fit Chef to suit their lifestyle.


How do you see Fit Chef developing over the next 12 months?

Will: Over the next 12 months we really want to try and get our message out to as many people as possible. We want people to think longer term about their eating habits and make smaller and more sustainable changes so they don’t need to go on a dramatic weightloss “diet” when they have an event coming up.

Matt: Yes, as Will says we want to get our message out there. We also want to show that just because something is labelled as ‘healthy’ it doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring. I know every meal delivery service says the same thing but we honestly believe this is where Fit Chef is different. The food tastes great!