Concussion and protective head gear have come under serve scrutiny over the last decade. This is because concussion has cursed the modern game and head gear has hindered it even more. In The Loose assessed whether head gear was effective for preventing concussions and the general conclusion was it caused more harm than good.

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Having slated head gear previously, is there a brand determined to make a scrum hat to help fight against concussions?

There is hope for head gear.

Whilst heavily researching head gear over the last few years, I struggled to find any sort of scrum hat which was proven to help prevent concussions. Moreover, none of the big companies, Nike of Adidas etc offer head gear which boasts excellent protective qualities. On the other hand, N-pro might be onto something.

N-pro, which stands for neuro protection has boasted concussion preventing qualities. Now as many rugby followers will know, this is a bold claim to make. How legitimate is this statement?

To be straight forward, very legitimate. N-pro has gone through significant scientific testing and even has doctors within the company. Moreover, the headgear has met CE-market medical device satisifcation which means it has been created with the sole purpose of meeting medical standards. The device meets the standards because it can reduces the G-Force to the players head by 75%… This well above the other head guards on the market. The head guard is successful because it has multiple layers using innovating materials. Which explains the £129 price tag!

Does this mean players should wear N-pro head gear?

Its a 50/50 argument. Yes it can help reduce concussions but this does not mean it will stop concussions all together. Moreover, the argument of the false sense of security it will give players is still very rife. Consequentially, if a player is wearing N-pro head gear they may put themselves in even greater danger because it boasts vast protection to the skull.  They might put there head in a dangerous position or tackle just that little bit harder because they think they’re safe whilst wearing N-pro products.

Overall, the work N-pro are doing for protective head gear is nothing short of amazing. The investment and research they are putting into reducing serve head injuries will only benefit the fight against concussion, even if it takes years. At this current time, players are still better off without head gear. Although it will be interesting to see what N-pro are researching and what they will bring out in the future.


Written by Sam Powell