You’re hungover on Sunday morning, eating ‘hangover’ food to suit your craving for ‘grease’ and telling yourself you need to stop drinking and that you start your ‘diet’ on Monday. You intend on cutting down on calories, buying protein/fat loss shakes, joining Slimming World or Weight Watchers or God forbid maybe even starting Herbalife with the goal of ‘losing weight’.


In the UK, around 13million people are effectively on a permanent diet, 2 in 5 women (37%) and 1 in 6 men (18%). The scary part about this is that the main reason for dieting is for aesthetic reasons opposed to health reasons – this is known as ‘cosmetic slimming’. My aim from this blog is to educate you ever so slightly about FAD diets and why ‘dieting’ is actually bad!

So what is a FAD diet?

A FAD diet is a regime where you eat a very restrictive diet or an unusual combination of foods for a short period of time, and hopefully lose weight…and probably regain it plus more.

Obesity is caused by a long-term positive energy balance (you consume more energy than you expend), therefore the lure of FAD diets is very strong. They cut down calorie intake with the promise of: quick weight loss, less hunger, unlimited amount of some foods. I am not going to name and criticise specific companies and organisations, they are easy enough to identify. However, regardless of their promises, have you noticed how the diets claim to work for everyone, limit food selection and dictate specific rituals, as well as recommending expensive supplements! Furthermore, they are generally critical and sceptical about the scientific community.

The problem with this ‘quick fix’ method is that you will lose weight rapidly and therefore more often than not revert back to old eating habits after restricting your food intake for a certain number of weeks. However, simultaneous to the decrease in body mass your resting metabolic rate will decrease due to decreased lean tissue content on top of the fat loss. So when you start eating ‘normally’ again you will not only put the weight back on, you will add more. This is through your metabolism decreasing therefore not using up the energy you’re consuming fast enough, not even as fast as before you started the diet.

From this I hope you can see that these types of diets are DESIGNED to make you fail and to make money from you. For every one success story there will be ten disappointing ‘yo-yo’ stories.

The point I am trying to make is, opposed to wasting time and money on a certain quick fix diet, utilise it more efficiently in educating yourself around nutrition and lifestyle factors. You shouldn’t need to STOP eating certain foods in order to lose weight. It’s the balance of your nutrition and the frequency that you eat certain products which make the real difference. This added to increased activity levels will see you make optimal gains in health and body composition, opposed to yo-yo dieting which will benefit nobody other than the person behind the money-making scheme.

I hope this article comes in handy, and I wish you all the best on your fitness journey! Feel free to get in touch for further advice and/or guidance.

Thanks again for reading.

Tom Gomulko (TG Training for more information click HERE)