Best Supplements for Rugby

We’ve had a number of questions over the past few months about the most effective supplements for rugby. The reality is that the supplements you take will depend largely on your goals and rugby position.

There are however a standard set of supplements that will be effective no matter what your goals or position. But that doesn’t mean you should buy the cheapest products you can find.

Why? Because cheaper supplements usually contain lower quality, less effective nutrients than their ‘premium’ counterparts.

For example, you’ll end up p*ssing out most of a budget multivitamin due to them containing synthetic vitamins and minerals that your body has difficulty absorbing. While premium multivitamins usually contain nutrients that are closer to the ‘real thing’ so that your body absorbs and makes use of them.

Anyway, we’ll explain everything in more detail in this article. Ultimately, you’ll find out which supplements can really help you make a bigger impact on the rugby field and in the gym.

Before we do, though, we wanted to tell you about our favourite supplements company at the moment…

About Performance Lab

Being rugby players ourselves, we’re always on the lookout for new supplements that can help take our game to the next level. Part of the reason is because we were getting bored of the same old supplements that we’d been taking for years, produced by companies that do not innovate and don’t necessarily care about quality (have you ever looked at the “other ingredients” on the labels of your favourite supplements?).

We were recommended products by a new company called Performance Lab, and after checking out their website, we decided that we wanted to give them a go. So we did. And we’re sold.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend this company:

  • High Quality, All-natural, clean products – There are no synthetic additives or potentially harmful ingredients in any of Performance Lab’s supplements.
  • Clinically researched supplements – All ingredients found in these products are scientifically proven to work in studies.
  • No ‘proprietary blends’ – All ingredients are clearly shown to you, so there are no hidden surprises.
  • ‘BioGenesis’ System – Performance Lab ‘grow and harvest’ their own nature-identical nutrients that are absorbed and utilized much better by your body.
  • Vegan-certified, prebiotic-infused capsules – All of Performance Lab’s capsules are infused with prebiotics to ensure improved digestion and are vegan friendly so everyone can take it with a safe mind.
  • All products are ‘stackable’ You can take all of Performance Lab’s supplements together safely as they are designed to be compatible.

The last bullet point was especially a positive for us. We had never seen a supplements company create so many products that you can ‘stack’ together so well – in fact, Performance Lab state that it is beneficial to do so.

As a result, we feel that Performance Lab have something for everyone. And most importantly, we believe that their products are currently the cleanest and most effective on the market.

Anyway, below is the list of supplements that can improve your rugby performance.


The average person doesn’t really know much about multivitamin supplements. They usually just pick up the cheapest product they find – usually in supermarkets – but this isn’t the best option at all.

Why? Because cheap multivitamins contain synthetic, isolated nutrients that aren’t absorbed very well by your body. This results in your body expelling most of these supplements (down the toilet), so you’re not even getting good value for money with them.

However, for multivitamins to be effective, the vitamins and minerals should come paired with enzymes that cofactors; this helps your body recognize nutrients as ‘food’, resulting in higher absorption rate and more benefits for you.

Ultimately, by fuelling your body with the right multivitamin, it will ensure that you’re able to perform your best on game day.

Best Multivitamin for Rugby: Performance Lab Whole-Food Multi

We spent a while researching about Multivitamins and were surprised by how many products contained synthetic or isolated vitamins and minerals.

After looking extensively online, we managed to find Whole-Food Multi by Performance Lab; this ticked all the right boxes, especially as this product is specifically aimed at improving ‘performance’

It contains over 25 vitamins and minerals in optimal dosages – more than most on the market.

Not only that, Performance Lab have created their own ‘BioGenesis’ system to ‘grow and harvest’ all nutrients themselves. This ensures that Whole-Food Multi is completely natural and comes with all the necessary enzymes and cofactors your body needs for optimal absorption.

They’ve even gone the extra mile by ensuring that their capsules are vegan certified and infused with prebiotic to ensure improved digestion too. All the right signs that Whole-Food Multi is a level above the other multivitamins on the market.

– To Buy, Visit:


Let’s face it, sometimes even the best of us struggle to get ourselves motivated for training on a wet mid-week night – sometimes we just need that extra little ‘kick’ up the *ss.

This is where an effective pre-workout comes in. These supplements can help to increase muscular pump, strength, endurance and mental focus; all the right benefits that you need to make big hits, break tackles and make the best decisions on the field.

But the main problem with the majority of pre-workouts are just loaded with stimulants without not much else. And consuming large amounts of stims can lead to jitters and energy crashes – not what you want before a big game.

As a result, we prefer to consume pre-workouts that don’t contain caffeine. This is because it’s easy enough to consume stimulants separately if you require.

Instead, you should focus on whether a pre-workout contains other ingredients that will help deliver benefits too.

Best Pre-Workout for Rugby: Performance Lab Sport Pre-Workout

Containing 7 core ingredients that have been scientifically-proven to give you the ‘edge’ on a rugby pitch (and in the gym), Sport Pre-Workout is a no-nonsense product that works.

Presented in easily-consumable capsules, so you don’t have to mess around mixing powders in the dressing room, key nutrients such as Creapure pH10 (95% pure form of creatine monohydrate) enhances your strength and endurance.

Other nutrients such as L-Citrulline & Maritime Bark Extract improve your blood flow, so that you experience better muscle pumps in the gym and less muscle fatigue during rugby matches.

– To Buy, Visit:



For those that don’t know, BCAAs are ‘Branched Chain Amino Acids’ made up from L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine and play a vital role in helping the bodies muscle mass grow, recover and repair.

These supplements help encourage protein synthesis thereby reducing muscle breakdown. This is particularly important when training hard for strength or size gains.

So, it should sound like a no-brainer to add a quality BCAA product to your diet; when you’re working your *ss off during rugby training and in the gym, you’re want to ensure each session is paying off.

The best thing about BCAAs is that they can be taken anytime of the day and stacked with other products.

Best BCAAs for Rugby: Performance Lab Sport BCAA

As with protein powders, there are tons of different BCAA supplements out there. However, one thing that attracts us to Performance Lab’s products is that they are specifically designed to improve sporting performance.

If you’re wanting to benefit from improved muscle growth & maintenance, then this BCAA comes in the scientifically-backed 2:1:1 ratio of branched chain amino acids for optimal results.

After we found that this product can be safely and effectively stacked with their Sport Pre-Workout, it seemed like the obvious choice to us.

Ultimately, we’ve felt great while taking this BCAA before (with Sport Pre-Workout) and after training sessions.

– To Buy, Visit:

Post-Workout Supplements

Pre-Workouts are more popular than post-workout supplements at the moment. But it’s important to remember that it’s after your workout when you make muscle gains.

As a result, we believe that it’s extremely beneficial to ensure your body is fuelled with the right nutrients with a quality post-workout product.

Best Post Workout: Performance Lab Sport Post-Workout

You should be aiming to restore your body with the nutrients that tough workouts deplete. Not only will this speed up your recovery time, but it will ensure that you make serious muscle gains too – and let’s face it, you look a lot more intimidating when you fill your shirt on the rugby pitch…

Performance Lab Post-Workout stacks perfectly with their BCAA and Pre-Workout supplements because it packs even more creatine, along with additional nutrients such organic coconut water crystals to rehydrate your body optimally.

We’ve personally felt less sore after workouts and believe that you will too, in our honest opinion.

– To Buy, Visit:

Sleeping Aids

Pre-match nerves are something that affects all of us. Whether it’s the night before a big amateur local rivalry or the playoffs in the premiership, we’re only human and you need a good night’s sleep to perform on the rugby pitch.

Here’s where a natural sleeping aid comes in; the right product will help relax you to reenergise you for big days, without leaving you feeling like sh*t the next morning.

Best Sleeping Aid for Rugby: Performance Lab Sleep

Trust us when we say that this is a pretty revolutionary product.

As we’ve mentioned, you want to be avoiding any sleeping pills that knock you out and leave you feeling drowsy the next day. Imagine trying to catch high balls all game on 2 hours sleep – not something you want to be doing.

The good news is that Performance Lab Sleep is an all-natural supplement that promotes sleep onset and deeper sleep.

It’s helped us feel fresher after taking it, which helped give us that extra step on the field.

– To Buy, Visit:


We mentioned sleeping aids above, which can help you rest mentally and physically so you can be on top form.

But one supplement that is often overlooked is nootropics; these can really help sharpen your mental performance and ensure you are making the right decisions throughout the 80 minutes.

Best Nootropic for Rugby: Performance Lab Mind

Similarly to how the BCAA stacks well with the Sport Pre-Workout, Performance Lab Mind is designed to be compatible with Sleep; we’ve found this to be a great combo to boost your cognition.

The great thing with Mind is that it contains ingredients such as citicoline and phosphatidylserine (PS), which actively helps to fuel your brain. In fact, one study in particular even showed that PS can even speed up recovery, prevent muscle soreness and improve well-being too – so it’s the full package at improving your rugby performance.

– To Buy, Visit:

Other Notable Supplements for Rugby

We’ve listed our favourite supplements to improve our performance on the rugby pitch above.

As we mentioned, we fully promote Performance Lab products because we use them ourselves and they are don’t contain any banned substances in any sport (meaning they are safe for everyone, even for competitive athletes).

However, apart from our top 5, there are other beneficial supplements that you can consume too.

Fish Oil

During both training and games, rugby players bodies are put under an immense amount of strain. It is therefore essential that we not only look after our aching muscles, but also our joints.

The regular supplementation of fish oil can help ensure the healthy maintenance of our joints whilst also improving our hearth and brain functionality (particularly important for props ;-))

Protein Powder

Even those that don’t have a clue about supplements will know that protein powders are beneficial.

This is because the first thing you see when taking steps to lead a healthy lifestyle is ‘high protein’ everywhere; high protein diets have shown to increase muscle gains, as well as encourage fat burning, in numerous studies.

So, regardless of your fitness goal (whether it’s muscle building or fat burning), you’re going to want to include a high-quality protein powder in your diet.

Greens Powder

Whilst most rugby players will be keen to focus on building size and strength, many neglect to look after our body’s basic functions.

During intensive exercise your immune system can take a battering, it is therefore essential to include vital nutrients for recovery (alongside a quality post-workout supplement).

A Greens Powder is ideal for this as it allows you to consume the equivalent of five pieces of fruit and veg in one shake – this can help you out if you really don’t like broccoli…

However, we will encourage you to shovel down your greens through your meals as a priority before looking at greens powder supplements.


Whether you’re training or playing, rugby players need carbs to help keep them going, this is where Dextrose comes in.

Dextrose is perfect for delivering a rapid energy release before and during exercise, and providing glycogen replenishment post-workout.

If you’re looking for a clean carb source, then look no further than Dextrose.

Bonus: Drink 2-3 Litres of Water Daily

While this supplement is heavily focused on supplements, we can’t let you leave without reminding you that consuming enough water is fundamental for your health.

Many people spend hours planning their meals that they actually forget to consume 2-3 litres of water per day. Drinking enough water becomes especially important when taking supplements, as some ingredients such as creatine, which can cause dehydration if you’re not careful.

Studies have shown that drinking 2-3 litres of water can improve your general health, make your skin look healthier (the backs will enjoy this, especially the wingers) and even promote fat loss too. So, make sure to hydrate yourself!

Conclusion: Best Supplements for Rugby Players

Well done if you’ve managed to read all this – after all, we are rugby players not footballers, so you shouldn’t have skimmed through…

It’s a pretty hefty article, but supplements aren’t just something that you can rush-buy; it’s important to do some research and not just buy the first thing you see on the shelves.

Why? Because many supplements contain synthetic nutrients (and/or chemicals) that can do more harm than good.

As a result, we believe that it’s important to choose all-natural products.

For us, Performance Lab’s products look to be the cleanest and most effective currently on the market. We’re impressed that they’ve taken big steps, such as growing and harvesting their own nutrients via their ‘BioGenesis’ system, to offer premium quality supplements that don’t break the bank too much.