After a few weeks of festive gorging, the new year is finally upon us. Time to get your eating habits back on track.
As any top coach will tell you, nutrition is essential to maximise physical and mental progression and recovery in the modern game. The biggest gains in strength, speed and endurance are only possible once we begin to support each training session with a solid diet plan.
We can all cut ourselves a little slack over the Christmas period, of course. But while the prospect of transforming all those extra mince pies into lean muscle is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many, regaining balance in your diet doesn’t have to be all that difficult – and it might even involve delivery straight to your front door!

Fast food – but not as you know it

We’re all aware of the benefits of eating healthily. That’s not the issue; instead, the trouble is usually the time and effort it takes to establish and stick to a clear meal plan. Or, to put it another way, it’s usually more convenient to eat crap than nutritious food!
Let’s be honest here. Sticking to a healthy diet is easier said than done, especially when your time is split between family and work commitments. Most of us need all the help we can get.
Companies like Fit Chef are leading the charge for healthy meal prep and delivery services. Their mission is to combine the ease of fast food with the nutritious value of a healthy, fitness-focused diet.
Founders Will Lee and Matt Williams are a rare pair of personal trainers and professionally-trained chefs, both incredibly passionate about sport science and nutrition. It’s safe to say they know a thing or two about helping busy people reach their fitness goals, which is why we’ll be picking their brains for useful nutrition tips over the coming months.
“We’re all about eating great-tasting food and being more active,” explains Will, a former trainee under Gordon Ramsay. “Life is too short to be eating bog-standard meals and greasy takeaways – and it’s even shorter if you do! That’s why we started Fit Chef. It was a response to our own frustration with fad diets and misinformation surrounding food and nutrition.”

Forget the fads

We’re not talking about quick-fix fad diets here; we’re talking about creating a balanced routine that works for you and sticking to it. It’s simple really, even if it does take a little more time and investment. If our diet isn’t up to scratch then there’s no chance of reaching our highest level of performance each time we step out onto the pitch.
“People today are busier than ever,” says Matt. “That’s why so many of us end up ordering a takeaway a few times a week – because it’s easy! Our challenge was finding a way to provide delicious, healthy meal options while still keeping all the convenience of fast food delivery.
“We eventually came up with a really easy-to-use system where customers can choose between tailor-made packages or create their own custom subscription. All our meals are made fresh to order and delivered every Tuesday and Friday. Simple.”
FitChef are also offering 20% off all subscription packages throughout January, head here for more information