Joe Marler has opened up about how he would seek sanctions in order to avoid international duty. He would deliberately get red cards and suspensions as a way of avoiding fixtures for his country.

Whilst speaking to the rugby pod Marler discussed the reason he chose to retire and how he would purposely look for sanctions to avoid international games.

Marler stated: “The anxiety I would get about having to leave and go away again would start to manifest itself in giving away even more dull penalties and looking for outs, looking for a yellow card, looking for a red card, because if I could pick up a ban, that’s an easy way out without actually pulling the trigger.”

The ex-England international, who only recently retired, has had a checkered past when it comes to suspensions and went so far to admit that he was again looking for sanctions in his sides game against Bristol. After the game he stated ” I can’t keep doing this; it’s not fair on my family, it’s not fair on the club”

Surely these actions are unforgivable when it comes to the well-being of his fellow professionals and unfair on the players who play alongside him.