According to the Daily Telegraph, World Rugby have come up with a new radical solution in an attempt to decrease the amount of concussions that occur within rugby across the world.

Extensive research found that just under 75% of concussions that occur on the rugby field are suffered by the tackler and not the one being tackled. On top of this, the majority occur when the tackler is upright in contact as their head collides with the ball carrier.

Following on from this research, World Rugby want to put the responsibility on the tackler; they believe upright tackles should be banned as that will then drastically reduce the number of concussions. As a result of this, if a tackler gets concussed because of an upright tackle, the onus is on them (as the one making the tackle) and they will receive a ban as well as the usual rehabilitation and protocol.

World Rugby’s chief medical officer Martin Raftery said the only way that we are likely to change the statistics around concussion is to change attitudes towards the injury and tackle area.

“The tackle [is] the phase of the game with the most concussive injuries, and then within the tackles it is the tackler, not the ball carrier, who is most at risk,” Raftery said.

It seems that the idea of banning players for tackles resulting in concussive related injuries is fairly far-fetched, however World Rugby believe that from research conducted over the past 5 years that it is the only way to get the message across and reduce the number of head injuries within the sport.