Eddie Jones post game

England Head Coach Eddie Jones has said that his side will be heading to Japan at least 2 weeks prior to the tournaments kick off.

Although this may seem a bit much, Jones has said that it is more than worth it, and there is even the chance of a warm up game shortly after their arrival around the 3rd-6th September.

Jones said to the media; “There are two years to go so we are getting to the very serious part of the build up to the World Cup,” so considerations of all types are undergoing to ensure the best chance of taking the trophy back to England.

When preparing for the tournament, Jones said that; “We want to be in locations that are close to normal life, so we want our players to train hard and walk on the street and go for a coffee,” to give them more than enough time to get used to the conditions they will be facing throughout the tournament.

Jones has said that preparing for the games that face them is not the only reason for the early departure, with courtesy and respect being a strong focus of Japanese life. Jones went to say; “In Japan it’s important to establish relationships in person. Everything needs to be done face-to-face so it’s an opportunity for our staff to build key relationships within Japanese rugby.” which will be interesting to see with the projected growth of the sport across the globe, especially around Asia.

The England camp are now finalising their locations for the tour, and it will be interesting to see what environment Jones will put his men in as they prepare for a tougher than ever World Cup.