England coach Eddie Jones during training

England Head Coach Eddie Jones has come out to say that the younger players do not want it enough.

He has said that down to players getting into club teams a lot easier than their England predecessors, they do not grow up with the true desire and determination to get get into the side. “They find it too easy. They play in the under-20s, they become (Junior) World Cup champions and they get a contract straight away. That doesn’t happen in any other country in the world.” said Jones.

This could prove a problem not just in dropping quality, but also with the mindset of players deteriorating as their reputations grow. It is not rare to see performances drop as expectations grow, and this would be a shame to see from in the England set up, especially with the potential of the young players.

With chances to get into the 2019  World Cup squad, Jones hopes this will prevent the deterioration of English Rugby, down to the competition for the well respected red rose jerseys still being well alive.