I think that it is safe to say that Referees and players don’t always have the same view on things.

This just went to show, after Irishman Luke Fitzgerald criticised Nigel Owens this week for the controversial statements he is seen to be giving to players mod game. The 29 year old said that; “He shouldn’t be commentating on the game. His first focus is to make it a good spectacle, that he referees the game correctly…”

This came after Owens allegedly critiqued a stray pass from Munster man Billy Holland, telling him; “It’s poor play by you there on the pass. Under no pressure there.” which sparked a cool response from the shocked flanker; “Cheers coach”, which is a pretty relaxed response considering the level of disrespect Owens’ statement gave off.

Fitzgerald went on to say himself, that he is annoyed with the level of ‘disrespect’ that the World class referee displayed. He stated that, “I just think those kind of things are disappointing and it’s disrespectful to the players who are putting in a huge amount of effort…”. I’m sure if Nigel was to have been given the same treatment, he would not have been best pleased!

No matter what it is over, players love letting referees know what they think of their decisions. This can lead to some pretty interesting conversations; here are the best player and ref’ on field interactions.

(The Tight Five Rugby Union)