George Ford Six Nations 2017


England man George Ford has expressed his concern over the proposal to shave two weeks off the current period of the Six Nations tournament.

He, along with many other players have said that if the suggestion goes ahead, then players can expect an overly tough 4 week period in which the tournament would take place.

Ford went on to say that, “It takes a fair bit out of you. The Six Nations is an unbelievably hard tournament, both physically and mentally…” stating that shortening the current 7 week period would be inconsiderate for the players as he also said; “…the intensity you have to train at is what people don’t see…”

The possible change has its lovers and haters, but looking at it from the players’ point of view, it would be crazy to change the tournament duration; not only would it bring overly worked players, but the quality of the tournament and the following club games would drop as a result of such fatigue.

Who agrees that club sides are waiting too long to get their top players back in action?