Wales man George North has showed his annoyance with the lenient result of the alleged biting incident which took place in their game against France at the weekend.

North was allegedly bitten on Saturday in Wales’ 20-18 loss in Paris; North himself and his head coach Rob Howley were infuriated with the incident which North labelled as ‘disappointing’ to see in the modern game. Match referee Wayne Barnes reviewed the replay and decided that the result was inconclusive, much to the anger of the Welshmen.

North was hoping to see the result turned over by the WRU, but it was not to be after a citing commissioner ruled the footage also as inconclusive. The winger has said; “It is what it is. Sometimes for all the cameras that are there they capture stuff and sometimes they don’t. This one time it doesn’t got picked up.”

North reassured fans that the injury to his hand is alright, stating; “I have got a bit of bruise on it now from obviously where I got bitten but apart from that I am all right really.” which is good to hear after a poor display of sportsmanship.

Wales didn’t have the end to the tournament that they would have wanted after their defeat, but it will be interesting to see which Welshmen Gatland will take on tour this Summer.