When you hear ‘mobility’ the first thing that springs to mind is flexibility, and this should not be the case; in fact, flexibility is only part of what makes up your overall mobility.

Mobility is how able you are to make functional movements with ease. To improve your mobility, you need to work on a number of aspects of your training, such as your strength, co-ordination and balance, as all these factors allow you to make moves on the pitch a whole lot easier.



When improving your co-ordination, there are a number of simple things you can do; one of them being a simple game of catch, even if you’re training alone. Bouncing a tennis ball off a wall will allow you to improve your reaction time and overall hand-eye co-ordination, which will certainly help you when plucking the ball out of the air or threading that vital pass.

One more tip for improving this aspect of your game is getting off your phone as much as possible. This might seem impossible with our phones being pretty much glued to our hands, but it is a quality bit of advice; even England have taken up this task with a target of improving their players’ awareness and reactions.



Balance can vary depending on your shape and size, but there are ways that any player can improve their balance. One great example is using a half inflated exercise or any sports ball to stand on with one leg. Standing on one leg on an uneven and unstable surface will allow you to improve your centre of balance. To adapt this into your game, once you are used to it, you can then start to add throwing and catching a ball in a Rugby based style to allow you to get that functional movement into your workout.

If you get this down to a tee then your opponents will be finding it hard to knock you down sooner than you think!

Core Strength

Improving your core strength can be done just as well in the gym as it can at home, so you’ve got no excuse. The way most people work on strength is through bodyweight exercises such as crunches and squats, as these are easy exercises with maximum gain if done properly. You are not stuck to the plain old exercises when it comes to strength; there are hundreds of ways to do so, so have a look and find some that fit you and your sport perfectly.

Working on your mobility is a long term commitment, but the work will show when you are making tackles, passes and interceptions which even the likes of Beauden Barrett would be proud of!