The Six Nations officials have now turned down the proposal of a relegation system within the tournament.

The proposal has been a hot topic within the Six Nations over the past week, after some nations called for a system which will see a the bottom team replaced in the next year. This was brought about after some see it as unfair that smaller nations such as Georgia, do not have the chance to play in big tournaments such as the Six Nations, where as the likes of Italy, who have a poor Six Nations reputation get to stay.

This will then see the likes of Italy, who were brought into the tournament in 2000, relegated if they finish bottom of the Six Nations table. Although this may seem unfair, as they are a foundation team of the Six Nations, it does make sense; it allows other nations to show their worth in a monumental tournament.

Although, according to the 42; Six Nations chief John Feehan stated that Italy are going to where soon. He also stated to BBC Sport that; “In the short to medium term there is not any genuine likelihood of that happening.” when he was asked about the possible change to the tournament foundations.

Do you think the Six Nations should adopt this approach? And if so, will it play out for the good of the sport?