Despite England’s rather rocky run up to the Six Nations, head coach Eddie Jones is confident with the decisions he has made regarding the injuries hanging over the team.

Jones has had to put up with losing some of his first choice names, with the likes of the Vunipola brothers who are both out for at least their opener of the tournament against France. Although, he will not worry, as he has moulded his team to cover the multitude of injuries.

Eddie is now getting some of his preferred names back to fitness, with the likes of Haskell, Kruis and Hartley who are all set to put on the shirt this weekend after time out. Jones is undeniably grateful for the ever growing world of sports science, stating that; “Because of the development of sports science there have been massive, positive effects…”

He further went on to say that it allows them to gain knowledge on such niche factors of the game, which then allows them to pin point what areas they need to work on. Jones went to say that; “It is all there and so we can create training sessions that are going to illicit a game response in that it is actually above game intensity.” according to BBC Sport. This heavily influenced the recovery of Jones desired players, as it allows them to test their injuries to the strenuous lengths that a competitive game would take them.

Even though all of this technical chat may seem a bit over-exaggerated in terms of the effect it has, Jones insists that it; “allows the players to get immeasurably fitter and we have seen that with this England side.” This further supports the pundits’ predictions of English dominance within this years tournament. But will the sports science masterminds help to guide England to their second consecutive Six Nations trophy.