The RFU have today released their anti-doping report for the 2015-16 season. This is the sixth year which the RFU have publicly released their report after they began to get even harsher on the matter.

The RFU clamped down even more following the 2014-15 season, which is down to the World Cup 2015 and the Rio Olympics which took place last year. They collected more samples than ever (1001) from all levels of the game to emphasise their absolute zero tolerance to doping. The anti-doping advisory group made a statement saying; “By having a strong sense of values we can continue to promote a positive culture of fiercely competitive, but fair and clean competition in our sport.”, which is definitely what we like to hear.

This season we saw only 4 of the 1001 samples collected tested positive for banned substances, which is good as it shows their approach is doing some good. Leeds Beckett University took care of the research, which the RFU are using to work with World Rugby and other anti-doping campaigns such as “Keep Rugby Clean’.

Such campaigns set out to educate players of all levels of the medical and eligibility risks they face when they take part in doping. The ‘Illicit Drugs Programme’ held by the RFU is also in aid for the campaigns, but looks to benefit on more of a players level, as they aim to assist in player welfare and health whilst having a bigger picture of maintaining the clean image of the sport.

The RFU and World Rugby continue to work tirelessly to combat the problems of doping, with an end goal of having a completely doping free sport.