The launch for the 2017 Six Nations went underway earlier today, creating even more buzz about the years most anticipated tournament. As all the players are raring to go, and some get back to full fitness, England coach Eddie Jones seemed a bit worse for wear, as he was sporting a pretty big shiner over his left eye.

Not much is known about the injury, but it was told to BT Sport that it was acquired in a fall, but nothing else has been heard just yet. Although, this will not faze the tactical genius, as he will have his eyes, well his right one at least, on his team’s opener, where Hartley will retain his captaincy.

England are big favourites to lift the trophy this year, but will not be complacent in their approach, as they are fully aware of the talent present in this years tournament, with the likes of Ireland who are still buzzing with confidence since their victory over the All Blacks at Soldier Field.

Who do you think will give England the biggest run for their money?