We have recently had the great opportunity to test out the new SKINS KPro compression tights, and guess what, they’re quality!

If you are into training your body to top condition and providing yourself with the latest in sports technology, then you will have heard of SKINS, and they are here again with their new innovative compression tech’. You will be able to get your hands on these fancy scientific pants when they release in February, and you will not want to miss out as they are designed to combat fatigue and injury whilst helping you improving your overall performance.

The technology in the SKINS KPro is like no other, consisting of Proprioceptive Power Bands; performing as an easy alternative to strapping up pre game/training, therefor supporting your body and your performance. These bands work hand in hand with the Dynamic Gradient Compression, (making the pants as tight as possible) as these two together allow the power bands to sit in the correct places, which will then allow you to gain full potential from your SKINS as they help you keep going in your gruelling training sessions. The compression technology isn’t only their to make your legs look big and muscly, but it actually allows waste to exit the body quicker, down to more oxygen being accessible to the muscles which are at work.

Now, here’s where they get even more impressive, as if you are coming back from an injury, you may be wary of getting back into training, because as any athlete knows, there’s nothing worse than making an injury worse; but with the KPro tights you feel a great amount of reassurance that you will not be adding even more time out to your season as they offer never before seen support.

When we heard about the tights offering next level support for lower body injuries, we couldn’t pass down the opportunity to test this, so we sent out one of our active players to test them out as he looks to come back from a continuous hamstring injury. Here is his feedback… “When I heard about the tights, I thought they would just be another product blabbing on about how much good they do for your injuries, but this really wasn’t the case…” Which is good to hear after seeing a Rugby lover being troubled by injury for so long. “…Not that they will heal your injury, and if you expect this you will be let down, but they certainly help in terms of support, and this is the main thing I am looking for as I look to gain fitness…” This actually really impressed us, as we did not expect the product to be so effective; SKINS have really took the next step with these tights.

So if you’re after something to help you on your way to recovery; help you beat your man to the ball, or just simply show off your legs, then we definitely recommend the KPro tights!