Dejection - England v France


As the Six Nations team-sheets role in for this years tournament, we are seeing teams which should make out for another top year,and the French side is no different.

Like the other selections we have seen so far, there are a some names which we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing on a national level yet; in France’s case there are 4, in the form of; Mohamed Boughanmi, who is a prop at La Rochelle; Clermont lock Arthur Iturria; Fabien Sanconnie and Castres man Geoffrey Palis. Although some may believe that having young players in such a big tournament is a risk, it is essential for their growth as a player.

France face tough opposition, but they won’t back down as they look to snatch their first Six Nations trophy in 7 competitions. It will be tough for France as the Six Nations sides are on top form, with Ireland oozing with confidence and England seeming to be unbeatable, but if the French play to the top of their ability, then it will definitely be a good show.

France forwards coach Yannick Bru has brought the magnitude of the task to light, stating that; “Players know they must continue to work hard to compete with the best…” But if England perform as they can in the opener against France, it would prove even more difficult that first imagined, as England parade a side which has been dubbed as being very close to the quality of the 2003 side by the man himself Jonny Wilkinson.

Let’s see if this France side can come out and shock the Rugby world by giving England and Ireland a run for their money.


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