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Sale Shark’s 29 year old Tom Arscott is being investigated by the RFU after being accused of leaking information to their opponents Bristol prior to their game on new years day.

As imagined, both Arscott and Bristol have denied any wrong doing, with Bristol stating that “The club are absolutely confident of no wrongdoing in this matter and will fully co-operate with the investigation. We will make no further comment at this time.”. Regardless of this, Sale continue to call out the situation which is classed as a ‘breach of trust’.

The accusation made by Sale is a serious one, which is looking to be turning out as true, as it consists of former Bristol player Arscott leaking on field plays and tactics, which means Sale must have some solid evidence of foul play.

If found guilty the player could feel the blow of a hefty punishment, which could lead to a lengthy ban from the game, but assuming the stories are true that is definitely what this sort of sportsmanship deserves.