Jones showing his brains? – Adam Jones to assist coaching at Harlequins

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Adam Jones has always been a qua_87353783_adam_joneslity player, and as he is bobbing on he has naturally been thinking about his future and what will it behold for him…

The 35 year-old Welshman joined his current team Harlequins prior to the 2015-16 season, and has made an important impact within the side, making 22 appearances since his start in London. The big guy is an important figure in the ‘quins side, and this has been proven with his and Harlequin’s recent decision…

Jones, who has made a respectable impact throughout his career for club and country, even stepping out a couple of times for the Lions. But now he has seen it fit that he begins the transition from pitch to dressing room as he looks to get into the coaching game. Although, he did not want to hang up his boots just yet, which shaped his adam-jones1decision to continue with Harlequins as a player coach; assisting with the forward portion of the team, becoming forward coach Graham Rowntree’s right hand man.

This is certainly interesting to hear, as this as in any other sport is quite rare, but it gives us an opportunity to view what potential there is when it comes to players also wanting to become a coach when their career is winding down. This could mean some good things could happen for Rugby if this works out, as players will be able to impact the game by applying their views not only on a physical level but also tactically.

adam-jones2“Coaching is a route I have always wanted to go down so this is an opportunity for me to work with two of the best…” the man himself came out to say, and thinking about it he’s right, there’s not many places where he could get such a good start to the new chapter to his life in Rugby. It will definitely be interesting to see what Jones has in mind for the ‘quins forwards.

Will he be able to get to grips and bring his side to a world class 16/17 season? Only time will tell…


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