chris-robshaw-england-grand-slam-dylan-hartley-mike-brown_3434387England are looking on to another strong year with 2017, and they are looking to continue this into every game for a second consecutive year. They have recently confirmed their match ups for next year’s Autumn Internationals, with Eddie believing, “…block series of games are essential for our World Cup preparations…”, and it looks like it’s going to be interesting for Eddie and his boys.

They have currently got 3 games lined up and they are planned as such; the first game they will be looking at is Argentina, who haven’t had too bad of a year themselves, climbing up the top 10 and putting in some impressive performances. Although, England saw their way past them with 14 men for all but 5 minutes of the game, as Daly earned himself a red with a what seemed to be an accidental mid air collision which led to a hefty collision with the ground. As England seem to be breezing past their opposition at the moment, Argentina will have to turn up, but if they do then it will be a quality test for England.

ben-morgan-england-australia-rugby-union_3316593The second time you will see England on field in Autumn is to face one of their long time rivals… Australia. But, this may not be just like years gone by, as Australia look to be facing a Rugby Union decline, so could this have a big effect on the Wallabies themselves? If not, we’re in for another great match up, as no Australian Rugby player likes losing, never mind to an England side, no matter how much potential they are dubbed to have. We can’t wait for this one, because Aus’ will definitely be up for it, as they will look to knock Eddie and England off their perch and overwrite the 37-21 loss they received last month.

p02cphcdThe last team to test what seems to be an unbeatable England side, will be in the form of Samoa, who will definitely offer a different task for the Red and Whites with their size being the biggest difficulty. This on the other hand hasn’t bothered England in the past; beating the side in their last meeting, which ended in a comfortable 28-9 win back in 2014; England are expected to do nothing less next year.

 As you probably know, these are the first games England will face after the Lions tour of New Zealand next year, meaning these games are essential for them to transition back into normality. These games could potentially go either way, they could make the England side like no other, with their Lions players coming back into the team with a new found motivation and mind set, and younger players such as Itoje getting much appreciated experience.

Although, couldn’t it go the other way? There is a possibility.