sponsorship11We recently discussed the great Pat Lam’s move to Bristol and his flashy £750,000 estimated salary. At the time we were shocked by the amount, as massive cheques are not too familiar within Rugby; well, not compared to the likes of Soccer and the numerous noughts flying around their bank accounts.

But, as time has passed and we have been thinking about a few things, we began to believe that big money should actually begin to come into the game. Now, we know what some of you are thinking; we don’t want the great game to become about money and fame as Soccer seems to be, but hear us out. Rugby is only getting bigger, and it will soon be noticed on a global scale, and doesn’t that naturally mean more money? And why shouldn’t coaches and players get a big pay rise?

top-earners-in-rugbyIf clubs do not raise players’ pay fitting to the vast amount of money being pumped into the game, then they will soon be looking to other clubs who will happily snatch them up for 20 grand more. Although professionals play the game for the love of it, money at the end of the day is the determiner, but it doesn’t mean that the way things work will change, as players will still love the game, I mean, who joins the game as a youngster with money in mind, certainly not me!

Apart from the money coming in from investors across the globe such as Alibaba, money is also finding it’s way into the game through such aspects of sport as sponsorships, whether they are sponsors and clubs, or sponsors and players, they all want a piece of the money cake which is Rugby.

screenshot-2016-12-14-11-26-27Sponsorships are big business on either scale, allowing clubs to develop in such places as interacting with the community, creating a big window for the future of Rugby. They allow them to do things such as new programmes, stadiums and opportunities for anyone within Rugby communities globally, obviously having a positive impact on Rugby worldwide. They do all this whilst also creating brand images for players and clubs alike, allowing sponsors to benefit from celebrity endorsement, and brand image creating more money for Rugby. This is not scarce in our game, with the likes of Nike, Adidas and other sports giants using players and clubs to promote their gear, such as how Zebo did the other day with his new boots, posting them on Instagram, BIG boost for Adidas!

roll-moneyDigressing from the financial benefits which come with the game getting bigger,should more money already be present? The game has undeniably become more physical over the years, even if rules and regulations have done what they can to prevent that, and this undoubtably means higher risks. Going back to Soccer, their pay is astronomical and the sport is nowhere near as risky for players as Rugby; is it just me or is this wrong?


I know they do it for the love of it, but Rugby players put their bodies on the line week in week out for the fans and the sport, shouldn’t they be paid a lot more? It’s now even unheard of for players to go on to have permanent mental damage or even death, which effects their and/or their families’ future day to day life. There is nothing we can do to stop this happening, it is a full contact sport, and injuries are part of the parcel, but if more money was in the game, at least they and their families have money to live on comfortably, but the wages at the minute don’t seem to be enough to compensate anything like that happening; not that bigger wages would, but it’s better than now!

Hopefully we are able to see more money being pumped into the game we all love, allowing players and others to provide more than enough for their families, and with the current course to globalisation, we should be seeing these changes soon! We’ll soon see what lies ahead for Rugby, there’s no doubt it’s all good!