patPat Lam, as you know has recently made the decision to take a move to Bristol, leaving the Irish side Connacht a year earlier than planned.  This news was a shock for Connacht, as the club continues to grow and improve as the weeks go by. But Lam has decided his time is up in Galway, as Bristol put an offer in that most would definitely not refuse; a salary of around £750,000.

Although, this decision was at first most unlikely, with his family enjoying life in Ireland. But, since Pat joined the side around four years ago, three coaches have passed, opening his eyes to the bigger picture, making him view things in more than just a Rugby frame of mind. It was not only this, but the passing of Munster coach Anthony Foley which in fact switched his mind; he stated that at the funeral of his close friend, he got thinking about his own family, and what situation they would be in if something similar happened in Lam’s case, naturally making that big pay cheque a lot more appetising.

rugby2015The money may not make things as sweet as his family want when the move comes around, as the Lam family have made it clear to Pat that they enjoy their life in Galway; this being the reason that he turned down an offer from a ‘northern hemisphere’ last year, I bet he’s glad he did now! On the other hand, he is still very happy about the move, as Bristol made him the offer to do the exact same job as he has done in Ireland for the past four years, and he ‘just enjoys what he does’ and he always has done.

connyThis is evident with Connacht, as he has created a powerful team with great potential, and they are doing big things, such as making it into the Champions Cup where they will face Wasps. This got me thinking, won’t this decision effect their run in the cup? But Lam insists that they are getting passed the shock news as quickly as possible, and the boys are still in the right frame of mind; looking forward to their game at the weekend.

What is next for Connacht? Who will they appoint, and will the players keep things moving forward? Only time will tell…