With England doing what even the All Blacks couldn’t do; going all of 2016 unbeaten, will they be able to hold it out and knock the Kiwis off their throne as World no.1?

If it is going to happen, it is most likely going to be in the next few years, as the sun is shining down on the Roses at the minute. England legend Jonny Wilkinson has been assisting the England team as an informal kicking coach, and is also feeling confident in England’s potential; dubbing them as having the same ability as the 2003 side, now that’s impressive! England’s current side have attained a 14 game unbeaten streak, which is there best since the early 2000’s glory years.

p02zyy1nThis factor is not getting England down, as Eddie’s reign storms on, leading a Rugby revolution in the camp, improving vastly on their shameful hosting performance in the 2015 RWC; getting knocked out in the pool stages, not even recognisable to this years top dogs!

One thing that I was thinking, what about the Lions tour next year? Will this put a big twist on things for England? Will they be able to hold it up without some of their top players? Well, probably, as Eddie has it on lock at the minute, and


England have quality oozing out of their ranks. But, this may actually play in England’s favour, as they will have experience in holding the fort say if players get injured or suspended. Also, it will give England’s already world class youngsters; such as Maro Itoje, the chance to gain some top experience, which he will most definitely put into his game on both a club and international level.

england-rugby-team-players-for-rbs-six-nations-2016If all does go to plan, then England have other factors to face, the growing publicity and media work that entails in racing for the top, (not that they don’t get it already) and as the game reaches a global status; the publicity and pressure has the ability to drown even the best of sportsman, but as they look to be coping well, they should be able to keep their heads, making this takeover even more interesting for Rugby fans everywhere.

Let’s say they do hold up, but how long for, as the Kiwis have only ever dropped to third and have held that top spot for almost 13 years, that’s a bloody long time! But we will soon see if Eddie and his boys can complete World domination. Do you think they can do it?