irbrugbysevensadelaideday2b-e3qe3uswglAlthough to most union is the only form of Rugby, sevens has recently began to rise in popularity, across nations both engulfed and underwhelmed in Rugby, but why is this?

Well for one, as the game grows across the World, more and more children are picking up the game, and sevens allows them to enter the game much easier than jumping into XVs, as there is much less complication, meaning they can enjoy the game a lot more; this being vital if we intend to bring more and more new talent through every national rank.

Digressing from the ease of the game, we cannot argue that XVs also has a sense of seriousness and roughness to it, which could also turn heads away from the game, where as, when you think of a sevens tournament, you think of friendly, well not friendly but respectful yet quality competition. Where as, XVs consists more of a cheeky elbow here and there. But isn’t that all part of the game?


Looking at things from a tactical point of view, sevens is also music to the ears of international coaching staff, as for smaller nations, it can be hard to gather 23 quality heads to represent your country in XVs, but getting 12 is much easier, just look at Fiji! They’re taring up the sevens game! Another reason for nations going for it in sevens is because XV Rugby, naturally, down to money, business and all the other aspects of being a growing organisation; has created a mammoth talent pool, which smaller nations cannot climb out of, meaning that our top 10 could become almost cemented very soon!

But with all this attraction from the (what most see it as) the inferior form of the game, is there a chance that Union could be drowned out?