Injuries are one thing that is cert2northain in a game such a Rugby, but head and neck injuries are nothing to mess about with, and we saw another incident of playing on the lines of dangerous. On Saturday, Northampton’s George North and Leicester’s Adam Thompson collided mid-air, leading to North landing in a rather awkward position on his right side, leading to his head making a big impact on the ground.

The collision which was an unsavoury sight, earned Thompson a yellow card and earned North what seemed to be a bit of concussion, but he later re-joined the pitch after being checked over by Northampton’s medical staff. If this was the case then North should most definitely have not gone back on the pitch, as this is dangerous in any sport, never mind Rugby! But North later made a post match tweet, stating that it was in fact not a head injury, but a neck injury which sounds a bit weird since they conducted a mandatory head injury medical check.screenshot-2016-12-05-10-10-04

This will all not be good to hear for World Rugby, as their guidelines strictly state that, ‘any player suspected of being concussed must be removed from play immediately’, making us over at In The Loose think that this might be the reason they played it off as a neck injury, but maybe not. Either way, North definitely seemed to be a bit concussed.

thompsonoAlthough, it is good to see that Premiership Rugby are investigating the incident, as this is definitely not what should be done by trained medical professionals, as players should always come first, and the Premiership Rugby Spokesman said that player welfare is in fact their no.1 priority. I guess we’ll see what consequences (if any) that Northampton’s medical staff will face.

This incident was pretty much the main highlight of a poor game, which ended in a 19-11 win for Leicester. Hopefully they will be able to gather themselves for next week’s matches and pull out some top performances!