tongavitalyrugbyleagueworldcupgroupxdibgz6jl-yx vunipola-wales_rex-large_transodfgmdvv8g3nwdbwpze2fquwvndydmqqvwxzakbq4gmOn Saturday, Tonga faced Italy in Padua, in what turned out to be a pretty good game; Tonga coming out on top in a 19-17 win. If this wasn’t enough to make the night for the Pacific Islands team, they got a nice surprise, as they didn’t have to spend a penny on their celebratory drinks, down to a gesture of congratulations.Mako and Billy Vunipola, who have a blood connect to the Tongan national team payed for the Tongan’s beers!

The Brothers although, are far from being two of the well heard cases of home grown players being poached abroad from Islander nations, (even though they have a Father and two uncles who represented the side). Billy was in fact born on Aussie soil, and Mako just across the water in the lands of090727-130615s-mako-vunipola New Zealand, giving them more than enough options for nations represent, and England got lucky…

But the brothers have definitely not lost love for their parent nations, with actions like the one on Saturday
showing there is nothing but love between the bro’s and Tonga. Eddie Jones even stated that straight after their game against Argentina at Twickenham, their attention was almost immediately diverted to the game in Padua, even with Billy’s knee injury, which will put him out of the game at the weekend.

tongavitalyrugbyleagueworldcupgroupk3x91itagdpxThis generosity will definitely go down well with their parents, Fe’ao and Iesinga, with their great involvement in the Tongan U.K community as a Chaplain and former Tongan captain. This act of sportsmanship is not hot news to England coach Jones, as he is well aware that “Billy is a good young lad” in a statement he made following Billy’s injury. This is a beautiful sound to the ears of Rugby fans all over the world, as we need these sort of characters both on and off the pitch, especially as it continues it’s quest for globalisation. I mean, we don’t really want the U9’s popping each other in the mouth and bad talking ‘because the pro’s do it’.

But this act of kindness on Saturday does show they really do have a positive vision as International Rugby figures, and that is definitely what we like to see in the great game! Now let’s see how Billy bounces back from injury, and can Tonga keep up the good work!