wayelsWales head coach Rob Howley has made a statement after the Autumn Internationals series, saying that he is satisfied with his teams performances in the series after Wales were criticised for being below par this Autumn.

Wales, according to Howley went into the series with a focus on three of their four match ups, and they won those three matches, in which they were undeniably successful, but apart from personal targets, are these acceptable targets for  team which are recognised as one of the best? If I were a Wales fan, I would not be happy knowing they went into the series looking to do just okay…

I mean, look how Wales used to be, they were putting in quality performances against the top teams, but
now they are narrowly beating some of the World’s less recognised teams, su1412672290489_wps_15_wales_captain_sam_warburtch as their 33-30 win against Japan, who are now not even in the WR Top 10; and their four point victory over Argentina.

Although, this beats recent years, as they have just clambered up the world rankings by 6 places to the fifth spot, taking them above a what seems to be a confused and very poor Springbok side.

I suppose looking at it a positive way, Wales are reaching targets, and are looking to be stepping up. But Wales fans, what do you think of your side’s performance this Autumn? and do you think they will continue to climb and improve their game?