Is it just me or this this really not Savea? Come on Adi…            

Well, this is all a bit embarrassing for Adi… This week they released a new moving image advert revolving around the All Blacks new strip and their match up against France, which is very clever marketing considering both sides playing will be decked out in three stripes! But as this money making tactic seemed like a full-proof plan, some very well paid creatives have messed it all up, CATASTROPHICALLY!

The ad which goes down the usual Adidas marketing road, with eye catching shots and snazzy editing, is suppose to be focusing on the Blacks’ Julian Savea, when the on pitch action footage is in fact of Malakai Fekitoa! What is going on?! With all that money to spare Adidas couldn’t have at least got some decent digital marketers; at least someone should be getting sacked in the morning! I mean it’s like a doctor mistaking a foot for a hand or something!

Although, Adidas came out giving sincere apologies to anyone who the mix up offended, but is this good enough from a sports face which has been around generations, supporting a large portion of the world’s best sporting associations; some would argue this is simply not good enough, I mean I do agree, considering they can’t get the best International squad right! Not to say they are also their main sponsor!

You can catch the ad here… But the new one will be in place very soon Adidas stated. Hopefully this one will actually make sense!…