It is not unheard of; prisons using sport to reform inmates, with Football and other programmes being rife screenshot-2016-11-22-10-53-57throughout world prisons, as it gives prisoners a chance to gain needed life traits such as respect and unity, whilst at the same time; one inmate in Uruguay stating it is ‘giving him the chance to forget for a while’. Now, the best sport in the world is joining the prison scene… Rugby! I know what you’re thinking, with some of the rough tackles put in in the professional game, we’re in for an 80 minute brawl! But is that in fact the case?…

With Rugby globalisation in full swing, it is fit that the game is wiggling it’s way into an array of scenes, with now multiple prisons across the globe participating in Rugby, and these numbers are growing, with such establishments as the¬†Compen Penitentiary Complex in Uruguay, whargentine-prison-rugby-e1375132097646o adopted the game in March in an attempt to “portray life values to prisoners”, which they may have lost along the way or may never have had due to a poor upbringing. This is a good plan in my opinion, as Rugby clearly channels discipline and unity which are both quality traits for prisoners to gain in their time behind bars.

The programme which entertains 350 prisoners has already had a positive impact, as inmates in fact stay in touch after prison life to see how each other are doing in the outside world; this clearly shows the great game has enough power to unite convicts and change their frame of mind. If it can do this to hardened criminals, I’m sure it could do the same with the misled youth of today, turning them away from crime. I mean, just look at Ma’u, who was arrested at a young age for brawling, which he served three years in prison, yet when he joined the game when he got out, it allowed him to channel his aggression into the game, giving his negative emotions a positive aspect to his game!

With all of these aspects which Rugby gives to life, I am liking what it is doing within the community as it allows people to develop where they previously could not, which is pretty impressive if you ask me!