Rugby, as you would all agree is a sport which requires a number of traits, whether it be power, teamwork or even just having a tamed mind set on the pitch to not kick someone in the head… *COUGH* Joe Launchbury *COUGH*. With these attributes, speed is no different, as having a pace filled wing can allow you to open up your opposition with one move, making fast players very valuable. So we saw it fit that we go through the five fastest players across Rugby, and we’ve even got you a few nice clips to show you just how dangerous a quick pair of legs can be!


5) James O’Connor 

James is a 26 year old who can play in variating roles, from wing to centre, making him a possible threat in multiple situations on his day. The Aussie is racking up the caps at Toulon, making his way to being a crucial starting face in the French side.


4) Shane Williams

With this one you probably know what you’re in for, the well experienced Welshman has not lost his legs over the years, as he still dominates the game for pace majority of the time, well, whenever he doesn’t come up against numbers 3, 2 and 1 in this line up, and his try grounding game is still quality, being the top try scorer for the Wales national team.


3) Bryan Habana

Toulon are definitely not doing too bad in terms of pace, with O’Connor and also Springbok Bryan Habana in the ranks, allowing them to exploit their French opponents. He opens this option also for the ‘Boks with a joined record of 15 World Cup tries back in 2015, equaling the late and great Jonah Lomu’s record, so yes, I guess you could say he is quite good! And very fast…


2) Takudzwa Ngwenya

The Zimbabwe born winger doesn’t only have pace in abundance but size, giving him the ability to break past his American league opponents for (previously this year) San Diego Breakers and (now) CA Brive. As he has lived in the USA for more than three years he qualified to play for the states’ national squad, exploiting his pace for his country of residence rather than his one of origin, which is becoming a big deal in today’s game. But never the less, he has fast legs, putting him in at No.2.


1) Carlin Isles

You have most definitely heard of this guy, well you should have! Carlin did not start as most players do, playing Rugby at a young age, as he was more of the athletics type, which is not surprising considering his turbo boosted legs. Although, he did play the softer version of our game, American Football, and this is where he put his great athletic skill into action. After retaining countless awards and medals for his athletic achievement, he decided that it was time to step away from American Football and enter the game of Rugby in 2012. His love and true passion for athletics still shines bright, as he applied to compete in the Olympics, not only in the US Rugby 7s side, but also on the track! This lad is impressive, definitely a natural talent when it comes to sport; now he is the fastest man in Rugby, but could we see him on the track as well as on the Rugby pitch in the next Olympic games?