Following on from our previous article on the generous funding going into the Pacific Islands, we are taking a look at a Rugby club based in Fiji, which do things quite differently where they play…

Yamacia Rugby train in the hills of Fiji, in more of a ‘traditional’ style than the more known clubs. As money and Rugby are not too familiar with each other in Fiji, the club take it in their own hands to make the best of what they have, doing everyday routines with home-made equipment, minimising their expenditure to the extreme. Although this may seem like the scene out of Rocky III, the club in fact rip it up in their DIY training facilities, where they carry out such drills as weighted shuttles and bench press, using a full tree trunk!!

If I do say so myself, they are impressive, and hopefully with the funding set to hit the Islands’ Rugby scenes, they will be able to improve their facilities, allowing them to advance quicker into the professional game. The Fijians have a more than positive attitude to Island life, continuing to shred it in their current facilities and work hard to achieve their goals.

With their two current sponsors; Sigatoka River Safari and Mana Whey Protein, the boys are looking to be making steps forward without the future financial boost, meaning that they must have some proper talent considering the difficulty our youths have going into the professional game, even with the mass funding and facilities the British Rugby scene has.

Hopefully in a couple of years we will be able to report back to you with the news of Yamacia doing big things; maybe appearing in some big club squads!