OUTRAGEOUS STUNT – Ollie Stedman gets more than he bargained for against London Irish

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robsongrabsballsOn the 5th of November, Yorkshire Carnegie went up against London Irish in what was expected to be a standard display of British Rugby. As the game moved on with a score of 17-10 at the half way point, making it all to play for in the second half, Irish went out in the second half with full intentions of making the gap between the two astoundingly bigger, finishing the game with a victory divided by 26 points.

But it was not all the norm at the Madejski stadium, as the 31 year old lock George Robson (London Irish) got into a bit of a sticky situation when an ‘altercation’ broke out between Robson and Carnegie’s Ollie Stedman, with players kicking off not being rare, nothing was thought of the situation, until it was made clear that Robson had in fact grabbed Stedman in his no mans land…

Yes that is correct, Robson at the apparently immature age of 31, grabbed an opponent by his testicles, leaving the Carnegie No.8 in a lot of pain and also a lot of confusion! As you can imagine this did not go down well with the RFU and men across the world,leaving everyone who saw the sneak attack with high voices. As the former Harlequins man was left with no where to look at the disciplinary meeting with the RFU (held for breaking sportsmanship laws), as he had been caught in the act, with a handful of Stedman… he pleaded guilty to the act and is now facing a 6 week ban, meaning he will be eligible to play agollie-stedman-541946004ain just after the Christmas break, December 28th to be precise.

Although this may seem like just a case of foul play, it in fact goes further than the Championship game last week. Robson is a professional athlete with a vast amount of coverage, meaning essentially that he is accessible to the public, whether it be through interviews or on social media, you name it, what he does matters; this display of disgusting play has the ability to influence our younger players, which is definitely not what we want!

This also follows the RFU’s concerns about safety within young persons’ Rugby, as they are contemplating replacing tackling for touch Rugby on the playgrounds and in P.E lessons; meaning that this situation has come at a bad time, well I suppose there is never a good time for grabbing someones’ plums on TV…


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