With Mr.Pogba setting a transfer record of £89M we thought we would do a little digging into what governing bodies are investing into grassroots rugby and see what Paul Pogba could get our future stars.


In 2015 the RFU released that they would invest £10M into a facility fund to improve club equipment and facilities at more than 500 clubs across the country and a new £1m training fund which will deliver more than 6,500 newly qualified referees and coaches.



SO… Paul would get us over 578,500 referees qualified (almost too many) but more importantly if his transfer fee was solely invested into the facility fund to improve club equipment and facilities, it could help 4,450 grassroots clubs…. WHAT!


Also PaulyP is apparanly worth more than the entire 2015 Investment from World Rugby. Full Financial Breakdown hereWorld Rugby Annual Investment

What else could you get for Paul Pogba?