Nigel Owens is an absolute legend, that much is clear.  We have put together a quick rundown of our favourite five moments.

1. “Uh…Christopher”

Nigel seems to flawlessly demand respect from players of all levels. Not even the England captain at the time was able to over step the line…


2. “I’m straighter than that one”

No matter how much he’s concentrating on the game he regularly cracks jokes, even if its at his own expense.



3. “The football stadium is 500 yards that way…”

He never sits on the fence with his preffered sport and always lets the players know!

4. “Everyone In!”

A bit of handbags between Scarlets and Leinster was enough for our Nigel.  He took the unprecendented step of having a quick word with all 30 players at the same time.  Never mess with Nige.


5. “This is not Soccer”

Yet another example of how he expects player’s to behave during a rugby game – alongside another comparison to his second favourite sport…