It has been confirmed the IRFU will provide all four provinces an extra €500k this year, and the same again in 2017. And for Munster in particular, more help is coming. “The union are very understanding of our problems,” a senior source there said to us on Friday.

An IRFU spokesman confirmed the same day that Munster have been asked for a financial plan as soon as the loss for this season is clear. The inference being drawn down south is that a cheque will be written at that point.


Where that leaves them with the debt on Thomond Park is another issue. They have until January 2019 to buy out the IRFU interest in the stadium, which clearly puts them under pressure to catch up. This in turn will keep the heat on their commercial committee to haul in more cash.

Depending on who you talk to down there you’ll get a wildly differing assessment of how Munster have managed to milk the corporates. One man says they’re not at the races, another maintains they’re well ahead of budget this season.

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