Try losing the pounds when you’re getting through upwards of 6,000 calories a day….that’s the task facing Dan Lydiate and his team mates in the coming few months.

A normal day in the season


It all begins with a healthy bowl of Bran Flakes, the sort of thing your everyday person may consider enough on its own to begin the day.

But for Lydiate that is a mere prelude.

To follow, there will be a plate of cottage cheese (yes, cottage cheese) with perhaps a handful of berries.

Then comes the main event (this is still breakfast by the way) of FOUR poached eggs stacked onto two slices of toast.

All this is then washed down with a piping hot cup of coffee.



It’s a slightly less daunting quantity at lunchtime.

Three pieces of chicken with sweet potato and some mango for desert will suffice.

Evening meal

This tends to come in two instalments, the early and late evening meals.

First up will be some beef stir-fry. Then, just to beat off any late evening pangs of hunger Lydiate will leave it a few hours before tucking into more stir-fry…and perhaps a protein shake.

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