The FFR and LNR in France have proposed a radical shake-up to the structure of both the Six Nations and the Top14.

The radical new measures to be discussed by the FFR and LNR on April 26 include:


  1. From 2018-19 the Top 14 reduced to Top 12 & only 1 club relegated from top flight
  2. Top six play-offs replaced by semi-finals & final
  3. The creation of a ‘protected’ national elite squad of 30 players & one of 20 development players which will play fewer club matches
  4. Top 14 match-day squads increased from 23 to 25 provided these additions comprise young French players, allowing 10 subs per match
  5. All clubs to install synthetic pitches
  6. To compensate for absence of players on France duty, the €10m salary cap will increase from €100k to 200k to recruit extra ‘elite’ player
  7. The span of the Six Nations reduced from seven weeks to five weeks