IRB Rugby World Cup 2015 Final New Zealand v Australia Twickenham Stadium, Twickenham, United Kingdom - 31 Oct 2015

The Scrum Doctor has pulled together this video to analyse what has made the All Blacks scrum so successful in recent years…



Key points of All Black scrum process during RWC 2015

The All Black scrum is very well processed, great body shape and had a system that they have used for a while now. They win a lot of ball due to excellent striking so their back line can play.

  • All black scrum – Own Ball

    Very Consistent with there Process

    Body shape good, Big emphasis on balance

    Locks stay up throughout Set up routine – 2nd rows are high on set up

    Locks stay connected to prop may split from hooker – loose axis on hooker at times

    Locks go with prop if the scrum is under pressure

    Front row lean back into locks

    No 8 starts very close to locks, to balance them

    Use Channel one ball a lot

    Wait for 9 who holds ball, puts other hand on then releases

    Flankers bind high on locks

    When 8 goes left he always pivots

    They fight to get low and down and through

    LH & HKR close TH loose with hooker

    Hooker foot back last

    Have hit and chased slightly/win 6 inches

  • Opposition Ball

    Process is the same as on their own ball

    Keep axis, strong in tight 5

    Early push – on occassion

    Hkr LH attack opp hooker, turn scrum

    LH’s can turn hip out too much to attack

    8 activates 2md shunt. Gets nice and low

    Good sink (low body height and surge)